The Kiosk system supports the configuration by which the "FROM" address for communications can be a school district email address.   The problem this causes is that certain technical set up requirements are necessary to ensure that email is delivered properly.

1. It is highly recommended that you use a valid "From" address for any email configuration set up.   Either a special mailbox used for this purpose, a treasurer's email address, payroll clerks email address, or even a service desk email address.   The reason a valid "From" address is so important is because that is the only way that the district can know if there is an issue with a wrong email address (due to a bounce) or other configuration issue that needs attention.   Also, users are in a habit of replying to messages and would expect service in the event of a problem or concerns.

2. Once you have determined the "From" address, you must work with your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider to create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.   If you do not know who manages the DNS for the domain of the "From" address, please work with the technical staff at the ITC to assist in determining this.   Without this step, it is likely that messages will be rejected or marked as spam.   The SPF record needs to point to the IP address of the MC mail server.  That IP address is    Your technical staff can use this web site to generate an SPF record ( and then it can be added to the DNS for the domain of the "From" address.  It is also possible that you may need to "Whitelist" as a sender in certain email service configurations.

These two steps will prevent any issues related to E-Mail in Kiosk.

3. The Kiosk Mail server does not CURRENTLY support DMARC/DKIM although that may be supported in the future.


What are the steps to change an employee's email address?

Before completing the steps below, make sure the employee can log into Kiosk with their current email address and password. If employee does not remember their password, reset the employee's password and have the employee login with the temporary password.  Logging in with a temporary password will force the employee to set a new password.  Once that is complete follow the steps below.

Update USPS with the new email address.

Have employee log into Kiosk with old email address and current password.  

Employee will be prompted with new email address in drop down box.

Employee needs to click on the Login button.

Once employee has successfully logged into Kiosk, from the point forward the employee will log into Kiosk with new email address.

I have a district who is changing email addresses for all staff does each emplyoee need to login to change the email address?

The ITC Kiosk Administrator has the ability to mass update email addresses.  A csv file with the employee id, old email address and new email address can be used to mass update all emails for a district.

What does it mean when you see Default Approver in the work-flow icon column?

It means that the request did not match the criteria of any leave approval work-flow defined for the District.  The request will default to the immediate supervisor (from the employee's job record) for approval.

Why is the leave balances on the Staff Leave Analysis report different from USPS?

The balances on the Staff Leave Analysis report are updated when the employee logs into Kiosk and Kiosk receives the new balances from USPS.


What do I need to do if I want to integrate Kiosk and Aesop?

The first step is to contact Aesop and let them know you would like to integrate with Kiosk.  You will sign a Data Release Agreement with Aesop and then configuration can begin with Aesop to integrate with Kiosk.  Once the configuration is complete with Aesop, information will be sent to Kiosk staff to configure and sync data.  

Do I need to add a new employee in Kiosk and Aesop?

Add your new employee into USPS, making sure the employee has an active job, email address, phone number, building IRN and supervisor.  Once all of that information is in USPS, register the employee in Kiosk.  A nightly job will run which will send the employee information to Aesop. Once the employee is in Aesop you will want to login to Aesop and change the employee type and verify the start and end times are correct.

I cancelled my leave in Kiosk why did the cancellation not get sent to Aesop?

When a leave is cancelled in Kiosk that leave cancellation is not sent to Aesop until the leave cancellation has been approved in Kiosk either by the supervisor or leave administrator.  Once the cancellation has been approved that cancellation will be sent to Aesop to cancel the request on the Aesop side.

Why didn't my multiple day request not go over to Aesop?

When a request has been entered in Kiosk and the request does not flow to Aesop, the first thing to check is the total number of days being requested.  Leave requests must be created with the total number of days not to exceed 9 days. A leave request that is more than 9 days cannot be sent via the Aesop webservice.

If an employee changes email addresses, phone numbers or building do I just update the information in USPS?

If the email address, building or phone number change for the employee those changes must be made in USPS which will update Kiosk and also those changes need to be made within Aesop.


My state certificate is not displaying in IPDP?

Your state certificate ID must be entered into USPS.  Once it has been entered into USPS, you need to login to Kiosk.  Once Kiosk has been updated with your state certificate ID your certificate information will be uploaded into IPDP.  The certificate information is updated weekly on Monday with a file that is FTP'd from ODE.