1. Navigate to https://selfservice.mcoecn.org
  2. Sign in using you Management Council username and password. This would have been provided by your ITC. 
  3. Once logged in you can update your contact information under the My Info tab. Please make sure your information is correct (specifically email address). The email configured here will be used for notifications and password resets unless another email address is specified. 
  4. You can update you enrollment information under the enrollment tab. By default you ITC should have configured an email. If you would like verification emails to go to a different address you can specify an additional email account. 
  5. Once registered you should receive an enrollment email and the configured email address. 
  6. Now that you are enrolled you can do several things through the Self Service Portal.
    1. Reset Password
    2. Unlock Account
    3. Update your contact details (mobile/email). 
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