In general, there are three items that you need to provide in order to renew your license:

  1. First Item: Your LPDC plan. 
    1. Your plan needs to be established before activities can take place. 
    2. The plan needs to cover the time until your next renewal. It starts on the issue date of your current license.
    3. If you are "mid-plan" for a plan approved under our previous LPDC you can re-submit it and indicate it was previously approved.  
  2. Second item: A list of your activities.  
    1. Optimally, submit a list your activities all at one time,  in one document (or one list with supporting documents attached).
    2. Send these 4-6 weeks before you are ready to renew your license.  
    3. Your activities should be listed on one document or Excel sheet with the required supporting materials attached.  For each activity listed indicate:
      1. The date or date range
      2. Course/event title and brief synopsis/description
      3. Name of the institution/entity sponsoring the course or event
      4. Number of hours earned/requested
  3. Third Item: Notify us when you are ready to renew.
    1. Let us know when you have completed your hours and are ready to renew.
    2. On this message, please CC: Geoff Andrews,