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Why do I Mark a Production Application Live?

When you are have created and fully tested a new instance of a Redesign application for a district, and the district "Goes live" on the application, you must mark that application as LIVE through the Service Broker.

Marking the application LIVE does two important things: 

  1. It includes the application in the automated nightly backups at MCOECN.  Instances that are not marked "LIVE" are not backed up.

  2. It prevents the application from being accidentally overwritten. Someone COULD run the Redesign Production catalog item to create a new production instance for the district and overwrite the existing one. 

    If a district application is marked as LIVE, running the task Redesign Production to create the same district/application combination will fail, because it cannot overwrite an application marked as LIVE.

Steps to Mark a Production Application Live
  1. Log into and go to Service Broker

  2. Run the Mark as Live catalog item by clicking Request.
  3. Fill out the form.  
    ITC Name will be filled in for you (unless you manage Redesign for other ITCs as well, if so, choose the ITC under the Project dropdown).

    Choose the district/application to mark as live from the Deployment Name dropdown.

    ONLY production applications that have NOT been marked as live will show up in the Deployment Name dropdown list.  If nothing shows up, then you have nothing available to mark as LIVE.

    Wait Date is the date/time to run the "Mark as Live" task. You can set this to run in the middle of the night, or just change it to a minute or two in the future if you want to run it right away.
    NOTE: The Run Date/Time is filled in automatically to the CURRENT date/time.  It is possible that by the time you click the SUBMIT button, the server time may have rolled over to the next minute.  If so, you will get a FAILURE when running Restart Redesign, because the "start time is in the past".  It is best to add a minute or two onto the time, to make sure it is definitely scheduled for a future time, even if that is just a minute into the future.

    WARNING: Running "Mark as Live" will take your application offline for a few minutes. Make sure you schedule it to run during non-production hours!

  4. Click the button to schedule the task.  After it runs, you will get an email confirmation when it finishes.
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