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This page shows how to use the VRA cloud to set up the DUO Environment Variables for MCOECN Hosted applications.

Please reference this SSDT Wiki entry to explain the various DUO options and their required values when setting up DUO.

titleConfigure DUO for Hosted Redesign

Below are the steps to add DUO interation to Redesign Hosted applications in the MCOECN Service Broker.

  1. Make sure you can log into and see "Service Broker", and the catalog items. If this is the first time your ITC is using MCOECN Hosting, we may need to create an MCOECN.ORG account for you, or grant access to the VRA portal to your existing account.

    If you are having trouble logging into, you can use the Self Service website to reset your password if you have previously registered an alternative account for password recovery.

  2. From the VRA Service Broker, run Install DUO MFA by clicking on Request
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  3. From the dropdown menus, choose the Application, Deployment Type and a Running Deployment that you want to install DUO into.
  4. Fill out the fields for the DUO values  and hit Submit. 
  5. If a DUO configuration already exists, it will be loaded into the fields, and you can edit it.
  6. To remove a DUO configuration, clear all fields to blank values and click "Submit" and all DUO config will be removed.
  7. NOTE: Running this WILL reset your application as the new configuration is applied.  Use the "Run Date/Time" to schedule this to be applied after-hours.
    Or just set it a minute or two in the future to run as soon as possible.

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If you connect your local Redesign applications to your own ITC's Active Directory, you will need to allow LDAP access from the MCOECN hosted environment to your local Active Directory server(s) through your ITC firewall. 

All LDAP requests from the MCOECN Hosted applications will come from source IP address :

This only needs to be completed one time per ITC.