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If you need to create an immediate backup for a hosted Redesign application, use the VRA Catalog Item Instant Backup.

This runs the same job that creates the nightly backups, but does so "on-demand".    

Note that running a "production" backup sends the backup to the same storage location that all nightly production backups are created.   It will become the "latest" backup, and if you run Redesign Test or Redesign Train, it will use the backup you just created with Instant Backup when it creates the Test/Train deployment.  A use case for this may be if you need to troubleshoot a problem, but the data causing the problem was entered TODAY, and the backup from the previous night is too old.   Run Instant Backup, when it finishes, run Redesign Test to restore that backup into the Test.   Redesign Test and Redesign Train will always find the most RECENT backup to restore.

Instant Backup can also back up Test/Train/Demo deployments as well.   Backups of Test/Train/Demo will be sent directly to SSDT-Upload so they will be available to SSDT Support. 
A use case for this may be if you may uncover a problem in a Test/Train deployment and want to send a copy of the backup to SSDT so they can look at the data and troubleshoot.