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Redesign Backups are run nightly for all MCOECN hosted Redesign Deployments.  Any given district will backup between the hours of 10:00pm and 5:00am.


Daily Backups of Redesign databases are retained for 60 days.


Nightly backups are written directly to the backup system at the MCOECN 2nd Datacenter to create an offsite remote copy.   That data is then replicated back to the primary data center for redundancy.

DR Test Restores

MCOECN does not conduct any scheduled DR restore tests for Hosted Redesign.  Options are created in the vRealize Cloud Service Broker for ITC staff to create
Test and Training copies of their production databases, which create applications from scratch and restore production backups, the exact process that we would
use to recover a production deployment.  On average, these are run 8-10 times per weekday across all hosted Redesign applications, so ITCs are performing
DR and recovery tests multiple times per week.

  • NOTE:   When When creating Test/Train deployments, the most RECENT backup will be used to create Test/Train (usually the previous night's automated backup).
    You can use "the VRA Instant Backup" item to create a more an up-to-the-minute backup for use with Test/Train .Nightly backups for hosted Redesign applications will be available to restore for the prior 60 days.  if you need a more current backup for testing.
    Please contact the MCOECN hosting team at dco@mcoecn to assist in with restoring older backups to Test/Train deployments. This is
    currently a manual process.

Disaster Recovery

FUTURE:  The MCOECN Data Center Operations team is working to create a Tanzu Kubernetes environment at the 2nd Data Center that could restore production
deployments of Redesign applications from replicated backups within minutes.