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The Kiosk system supports the configuration by which the "FROM" address for communications can be a school district email address.   The problem this causes is that certain technical set up requirements are necessary to ensure that email is delivered properly.

1. It is highly recommended that you use a valid "From" address for any email configuration set up.   Either a special mailbox used for this purpose, a treasurer's email address, payroll clerks email address, or even a service desk email address.   The reason a valid "From" address is so important is because that is the only way that the district can know if there is an issue with a wrong email address (due to a bounce) or other configuration issue that needs attention.   Also, users are in a habit of replying to messages and would expect service in the event of a problem or concerns.

2. Once you have determined the "From" address, you must work with your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider to create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.   If you do not know who manages the DNS for the domain of the "From" address, please work with the technical staff at the ITC to assist in determining this.   Without this step, it is likely that messages will be rejected or marked as spam.   The SPF record needs to point to the IP address of the MC mail server.  That IP address is    Your technical staff can use this web site to generate an SPF record ( and then it can be added to the DNS for the domain of the "From" address.  It is also possible that you may need to "Whitelist" as a sender in certain email service configurations.

These two steps will prevent any issues related to E-Mail in Kiosk.

3. The Kiosk Mail server does not CURRENTLY support DMARC/DKIM although that may be supported in the future.


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