How do I submit my plan and activities for review?

Answer (After July 2017 on your personal Trello LPDC project board):

  • Log into your personal LPDC project board, then:
  • For activities
    • Make a copy of an activity template card in your "My Activities" list
    • Give the copy a new title aligned to the activity
    • Fill out the details on the new card
    • See this video for more information
  • For plans
    • Edit the cards in the "My Plan" list and add the elements as suggested on each card
    • Or, attach a .pdf of your plan to the card labelled "My plan is attached"
    • See this video for more information

Legacy Answer:

  • Submit your items via electronic mail.
  • Address the email to  
  • The subject of the email should include your name, ITC, and purpose of the request.   For example, “John Smith, HCC, Plan Approval”
  • In the body of the email, include your name, contact information (email and phone number), and your license renewal date.