We have revised our process based on feedback from the LPDC community.  Starting soon, each participant will have his or her own LPDC project space!

  • Use your individual project space to provide details of your professional development plan and record your activities.
  • Major improvement – now you will be able to see and update the items you have submitted.
  • LPDC participants will be migrated based on license renewal dates starting with 2018 renewals
  • Continue to utilize the legacy email-based reporting system until you are contacted regarding the switch to the new method. 

How this will work:


We are utilizing Trello, a cloud-based application for project management.  Trello follows a card view or "Kanban-style" philosophy.  There are three basic elements in Trello:

  1. Board –  A board is a singe web page which provides the wholistic visual view of a program, project, work assignments, documents, activities, etc.  For our purpose, each individual LPDC participant will have their own LPDC project board.
  2. Lists –  A list is a column on the board.  It is a way to organize related materials on the board.  For instance, your LPDC project board will contain lists for licenses, your plan, and your activities.
  3. Cards: A card is an individual item you wish to track.  A card can be used for almost anything. We will utilize cards to describe your license, activities, and elements of your plan. Cards are organized in lists. They can be sorted, edited, or copied as needed. 

Initial invitation and access to access your personal LPDC planning page

  • Your LPDC board will be created for you. Participants will be migrated based on plan renewal years starting with 2018 renewals.
  • Once your Trello LPDC project board is created and existing materials are copied, you will be sent an invitation to access your board via electronic mail.
  • Click the link in the invitation to create a Trello account and access your board.  Be sure to save your password. 
  • Note: Paid accounts are available but not necessary. Trello may encourage you to upgrade, but only the basic "free" account is needed for our LPDC purposes.

In Use

Following your initial access you will be able to view, update, and add cards to your Trello board.  You can also attach additional documentation to a card. Your board will contain instruction and template cards to guide your efforts.  Other than LPDC committee members, you are the only one with permissions to access your board – it is yours to manage!  

We have grouped renewal years by color – please refrain from changing the background color of your board

Each LPDC participant will have an LPDC committee member as a mentor.  You can contact them separately, but mentors are also notified by email when you make changes to your board.

Update your board as often as you desire.  There are only two items that are date or time dependent:

  1. You need to provide your five-year plan before undertaking any activities.  If not done already, make sure to add your plan first!
  2. Complete and document all activities on your board prior to requesting approval to renew your license

Trello Resources

A getting started guide can be found here.  Some advanced tips and tricks are in this article.