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Zoom meeting works on any Android device. To download the Zoom app, search for Zoom Cloud Meetings in Google Play.

Once the Zoom app is open, you can choose to Sign In or Join a Meeting.

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Joining or Scheduling a Meeting

  • Start Meeting- Start an instant meeting using your PMI of a new meeting ID.
  • Join- Join a meeting using the meeting ID.
  • Schedule- Schedule a one-time or recurring meeting.
  • Upcoming Meetings-  View, edit, start of delete your schedule Zoom meetings.

Chat Features:

  • Plus Icon Start a one-on-one chat with a contact.
  • Star Icon View and start a chat with your starred contacts and channels.


  • Directory: Select a contact to start a one-on-one chat.
  • Channels: View a list of starred, public, and private      channels.
  • Zoom Rooms: View a list of Zoom rooms. Select a Zoom room to start a meeting with it.
  • Plus Icon: : Add a custom contact or create a new channel for group messaging. 


  • Select your name to change your profile picture, name, and password.
  • Meeting: Change setting for enabling/disabling your microphone, speaker, or video when you join a meeting.
  • Notifications: Change when Zoom notifies you of new messages.
  • Chat: Enable or disable link preview in chat messages.
  • About Zoom: View the app version and send feedback. 

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