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Software Licensing Agreements

These products can be purchased through CDW-G:

  • Adobe: Perpetual licensing or VIP site license (current Adobe agreement runs to December 2021)
  • Microsoft: Perpetual licensing or O365 subscription (current MS master agreement runs to 2032)
  • D-Ten video boards (discount pricing, no formal agreement with D-Ten)
  • VMware using the OARnet negotiated pricing (this is an OARnet agreement that covers K12 purchases)
  • Other products (using the AEPA catalog)

For current pricing and ordering contact your CDWG account manager or Bradley Huffman (   Tel:  (866) 888-2239

These products can be ordered by ITCs (contact your ITC for pricing and availability)

  • Zoom Video Products (current pricing through June 2022)
    • User License
    • Large Meeting (500 or 1000 participants)
    • Zoom Room License
    • Zoom Webinar (100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000)
    • D7 55" Interactive Display
    • D7 55" Display on Mobile Stand
  • HelloSign (current pricing through Jan 2022)
  • TechGuard
  • Pryor+ Online Learning. (current pricing through Dec 2021)
  • JIVE
  • StormWind
  • LassPass
  • No labels